Highways & transport planning


Highways & transport planning

Services provided:

Determining the impact on surrounding highways & transport networks is often an essential part of a planning submission.

We can advise as to how far such assessment will need to go from the outset of the proposal to assist in early discussions with the Authorities. We can then provide innovative and cost effective solutions to the transport issues affecting the development of your site from masterplanning to post-application support.

Our services:
Promotion and pre application services
  • Pre-purchase and due diligence support to landowners and developers during site identification, selection or purchase.
  • Strategic support at every level during the Local Planning process.
  • Expert Witness support for Local Plan Examination.
  • Requirement for/and application of Planning Gain and Obligation legislation related to development.
  • Highways/Transport design input to masterplans including advice on Manual for Streets.
Planning application support
  • Multi-modal Transport Assessment, Travel Plan and Sustainability Appraisals in support of applications.
  • Detailed capacity modelling of highways and transport access in relation to existing issues and development proposals.
  • Support to Environmental Impact Assessment, Sustainability Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment.
  • Access design and advice support for masterplanning.
  • Interpretation of planning guidance on servicing and parking requirements.
  • Trip Reduction/Carbon Emission assessment.
  • Consultation requirements and presentation, e.g. Enquiry by Design, community engagement, etc.
  • Expert witness support for Planning Inquiry/Examination.
  • Initial cost appraisals for infrastructure requirements.
Post permission services
  • Discharge of highways and transport related planning conditions.
  • Negotiation of Legal agreements including S.106 (planning obligations), S.278 (off-site highway works), S.247 (stopping up) and S.38 (adoption) agreements, as well as Traffic Regulation Orders.

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