Flood risk


Flood risk

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Services provided:

Assessing whether a site is likely to flood, and what measures can be taken to prevent and/or manage the impact of flooding, continues to be an essential part of the planning process.

We provide all levels of flood risk reporting ranging from:
  • Pre-purchase and due diligence support to landowners and developers during site identification, selection or purchase.
  • Design input to the masterplanning process.
  • Flood Risk Statement to support representations at the early promotion stages.
  • Desktop Flood Risk Assessment as is often suitable for BREEAM and CfSH assessment purposes.
  • Flood Risk Assessment in support of planning applications.
  • Hydraulic modelling of drainage systems.
  • Assessment of flood storage using 3-D ground modelling.
  • Flood response and evacuation planning.
  • Support to Environmental Impact Assessment, Sustainability Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment.
  • Consultation requirements and presentation, e.g. community engagement.
  • Expert witness support for Planning Inquiry.
  • Discharge of flood risk and drainage related planning conditions.

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