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Goodwood Revival – a wonderful trip back in time…

old fashioned sports car Goodwood

The motorsport theme for September continued as Rob & Rik were guests of Thakeham Homes at this years Revival. Bright sunshine, a collection of 14 spitfires ready for the Battle of Britain celebrations and numerous Bugatti, ERF, Jaguar, Lotus, Cobra cars to satisfy any petrol heads wildest fantasy. Many thanks to Thakeham Homes, what a super day out!

Cannon Palmersport Motor Racing series – round one

Cannon were delighted to take 10 clients to Palmersport near Bedford for high octane fun. The day started with a light shower or two and a greasy track which tested the best of the team. However, this twitchy start soon gave way to perfect conditions and everyone pushed hard throughout the day with suitable reward. The odd spin, or two, deterred nobody and we think this is simply one of the best value days out there. We even had a few winners! Rob Boughton of Thakeham Homes taking overall honours for the day and the Palmer Jaguar trophy, Julian Rooney taking the Caterham cup and a large number of the team in the top 10 for each and every event. Roll on next year for Round 2… who will be up to the challenge?